As of the 1st of May 2021 I have closed my physical office due to pursuing medical studies and other endeavors abroad (Colombia). Online consults are still available.

Medical reports: Several patients have been asking me what is included in a medical report. An example report may be viewed here (click text). Purchasing a medical report is option, but might aid you in explaining your condition to your primary care physician or surgeons.

Imaging for the session

In virtually all cases involving spine, head or neuropathic problems, I will need to review your imaging. It does not matter if they were reported as normal.

To send the images 1., copy all the imaging disc’s content into a folder (use different folder names if multiple discs). 2., compress the main folder using Winzip or similar (file should be at least 30 megabytes, usually more; if the file is tiny then something is usually wrong. Do not send me any uncompressed folders, please). Send the file to [email protected] using (link valid only 7 days; please note that I do not have time to double-check this prior to session — Please do not email me and ask me to confirm your imaging outside of session), google drive, or similar. If you don’t understand how to do it, please get someone to help you (I do not have time to guide you on how to do this personally; my apologies).

You can also review this link:

If you want to confirm that the files that you are sending me, work, and this is indeed a good idea, you can download a free DICOM reader (eg. HOROS for mac software or RADIANT for Windows) and check for yourself whether or not the files that you have prepared actually work. Please ensure that you are sending actual professional imaging files (DICOM files) and not JPEG or PNG (picture files).

How does a Skype session work?

During a Skype session, we will review your case history, medical imaging or bloodwork. I will ask you very specifically about your symptoms, their locations, triggers, etc. Although I cannot examine you physically, we tackle this by instructing you on how to perform certain tests or provocative movements yourself (eg. Spurling’s test (radiculopathy), Roos’ test (thoracic outlet syndrome), etc) while I watch. Sometimes, I may also instruct your friend or spouse to perform certain tests on you (eg. myotome tests for radiculopathy). The way I conduct my online consults work well and I have helped numerous patients online since 2017.

Once we have narrowed down the diagnosis, or most likely differential diagnoses, you will be given homework that is done weekly / daily depending on what the actual issue is. The treatment can be postural, exercises, pharmacological, or referral for surgery. I may also refer you out for additional testing if necessary.

You do not need to be very computer savvy to have a Skype consultation. If your computer works as it should, just install the Skype software and wait for me to call you at the agreed time (usually within 5 minutes). Get someone you know to help you if you are unsure (NB: due to the large number of patients, I, unfortunately, do not have the capacity to assist with this outside of the session). When booking the consult, it is important that you leave your Skype username and not your name, as there may be several in the Skype database with the same name (click the image below)

From chronic low back pain to completely injury-free training – Fredrik Rydland

Kjetil identified a significant postural problem during our first consultation, and immediately started manual muscle testing and corrections. – Filip Caspersen

Kjetil has extreme control of the human body, and knows what is required to move injury-free. My low-back and shoulders have never been stronger. – Runar