Booking & arrival

Patients who currently live in Norway, please book here (click link).

The clinic is easily accessible from Oslo Airport Gardermoen. First, an 18 minute train ride from the airport to the Oslo central railway station (OCRS). Right outside OCRS, take the stairs down to the subway and follow the “eastward” sign. Wait for the subway-carriage that says “5 – Vestli”, and take it unto the “Hasle” station which is the 4th station ahead, which takes approx. 8 minutes.

From Hasle station, you will immediately see a large blue building (Oslo tennis arena) on the right hand side of the rails, a few hundred feet ahead. The clinic space is on the third floor of this building, and the waiting room is outside the toilets in the hallway (not Sportsklinikken). The address is Oslo tennis arena, Eikenga 4, 0579 OSLO.

Medical report

Several patients have been asking me what is included in a medical report. An example report may be viewed here (click text).

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Our clinic is located at the third floor inside of Oslo Tennis Arena

From chronic low back pain to completely injury-free training – Fredrik Rydland

Kjetil identified a significant postural problem during our first consultation, and immediately started manual muscle testing and corrections. – Filip Caspersen

Kjetil has extreme control of the human body, and knows what is required to move injury-free. My low-back and shoulders have never been stronger. – Runar