Objective biomechanics overview

Objective Biomechanics is an education that focuses on the utilization of specific biomechanical principles and therapeutic approaches. To view more in-detail information about each class, click the icons below.

Note: Modules 1 & 2 may be taken in arbitrary order, but 3 & 4 are numerical and requires pre-attendance of the preceding modules.

I – Lumbopelvic complex, hips and knees (2 days)
II – Neck pain, scapular & glenohumeral mechanics (2 days)
III – Peripheral nerve entrapment syndromes (2 days)
IV – TMJ, atlas joints & migraines (2 days)

Get the early-bird price if you book your attendance at least 60 days in advance.

  • I – Lumbopelvic complex, hips and knees: Croatia, Zagreb, April 18-19th, 2020 (9 am)
  • II – Neck pain, scapular & glenohumeral mechanics: Croatia, Zagreb, April 16-17th, 2020 (9 am) – Use code “combodiscount” if purchasing both Nov. Zagreb courses.
  • III – Nerve entrapment syndromes: TBA
  • IV – TMJ, atlas joints & migraines: TBA

Regarding seminars hosted at my venue in Oslo: The clinic is easily accessible from Oslo Airport Gardermoen. First, an 18 minute train ride from the airport to the Oslo central railway station (OCRS). Right outside OCRS, take the stairs down to the subway and follow the “eastward” sign. Wait for the subway-carriage that says “5 – Vestli”, and take it unto the “Hasle” station which is the 4th station ahead, which takes approx. 8 minutes.

From Hasle station, you will immediately see a large blue building (Oslo tennis arena) on the right hand side of the rails, a few hundred feet ahead. The seminar space is on the second floor of this building. The address is Oslo tennisarena, Eikenga 4, 0579 OSLO.