Many visits to physios and chiropractors – Kjetil solved it

I´ve had my share of back problems but they always resolved within a few weeks.
Until two years ago when I really got big pain from just reaching down to the oven in the kitchen.
That was just the straw that broke the camels back though and this time the pain didn´t subside.

Symptoms down my legs and buttock started and for a year I went to countless physios and chiropractors.
All had different ideas of the root cause and what to do about it.
The fix was often quite generic, not specific for me but for anyone having backpain.
– “Just exercise and work on your core strength and do some stretching” was often the remedy.
What the all had in common was that they didn´t give me a solution for my symptoms.
I assure you I did search for the most renowned people in my country – I didn´t go just to anyone, I went to see many of the “best”.
As i got to learn more I asked about provocative tests. Surely they have to do this to know what is causing my symptoms?
They didn´t know how to do this! Sure they did test reflexes and the occasional Slump-test but from there, nothing.

I started learning more and more about the spine, nerves and muscles from Stuart McGills work, the work from Janda and Mikael Shacklock etc.
I know I had to get an opinion from someone who knew this stuff!
Searching for various conditions I One day got to Kjetils webpage and started reading.
Wow! Finally someone talking the way I want an expert to talk (read as Kjetil knows his stuff!)

Not knowing what to expect I booked a skype meeting. I already had my own ideas of what was going on.
Kjetil did take me through the MR and my symptoms. He gave his view on what was causing it and also what to precisely do about it.
I was given exercises, tailored, for me, far from the others generic exercises.

I followed his advice and within a few weeks I had the first day where I had No symptoms at all!. First day for almost 1.5 years.
I got a bit too excited and did overdo the volume and intensity, despite that was something Kjetil told me Not to do.
I thought I could speed up the process by doing more reps, more sets and more often. I got more symptoms again.
Doing too much and you will pay the price, he said – and I did.

I backed off and really tried to follow his advice to the point.
Doing the exercises slowly, not compensating, no clenching and not too often!
Now after 2 years from the start of having pain and symptoms I often feel 100% fine!
I do still have a bit of nagging discomfort and sometimes pain in my buttocks and piriformis but i feel like those symptoms also will subside over time as long as I follow Kjetils advice.

I am sure Kjetil will be one of those rare pioneers in his field.


I am an active man in my twenties. For five years I have been struggling with various injuries. Have had shoulder-, kne- and low back muscle injuries. The shoulder was painful every day, no matter what I did. Before I arried at Kjetil’s clinic, I had tried several physiotherapists, naprapaths, and chiropractors, but to no avail. Kjetil is the only person that has managed to help me with my injuries. The first time I visited him, he corrected my posture and explained to my why my scapular position was causing my shoulder pain. After the correction, I felt immediate improvement. Further, he performed a series of tests. The tests searched for weak and strong muscles. Moreover, he provided me strength exercises for the detected weak muscles. At this point, my shoulder- and knee is almost completely injury free. Kjetil is professional, kind, and answers fast via email/sms if you have a question, and he is motivated to help others.

Håkon Gulbrandsen

Ten years of chronic pain

After 10 years of pain in more or less my entire body, I am finally a lot better. Throughout this ten-years’ period I had been misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia and been to many therapists without any lasting improvement. For many years I used dry needling as pain relief, hoping it would soon be better. Spring 2018, after about six months of a lot of stress, my aches and pains were worse than in a long time, perhaps worse than ever. I was now at a point where I was so sick and tired that I decided to get to the bottom of this. I started reading about the body’s functions, and in this regard, I came across Kjetil’s work. I was profoundly impressed by all of his testimonials, and they seemed almost too good to be true.  I ordered several hours at Kjetil’s clinic the summer of 2018, and from the first session, Kjetil had identified and addressed the causes of my pain syndromes. He started with corrective exercises, but was very clear that this would take 1-2 years to complete, because I had been suffering for so long. Today I am pain free in my every-day-life but I am still working on the corrective regime.

I strongly recommend Kjetil to anyone who suffer from pain.

Henrik Strand

This is the way one should teach biomechanics. Kjetil invented completely new, science based and clinically proved protocols for many various conditions which were poorly treated until now, with his Objective Biomechanics seminars.

Snjezana Lozic, Professor of kinesiology

It’s still hard to believe

I was a wrestler, weight lifter and a very active person. I also worked a desk job ( PhD candidate in biology). TOS pain came on strong and fast. it became debilitating rapidly. I sought help with no avail. I went to 12 orthopedic surgeons, 4 spine surgeons, 3 neurologists and countless physical therapists who all had no idea what was wrong with me ( MRI on spine and shoulder unremarkable, unremarkable nerve conduction study).
I was referred to pain management and for 6 years I was on large doses of opiates daily just to function, which affected my work negatively and my health extremely negatively. I was able to diagnose myself with TOS (my background helps, but this was later confirmed by several surgeons amongst whom, Richard J. Sanders) and I had surgery to remove a cervical rib and the first rib and the scalenes ( were extremely hypertrophied from wrestling) which didn’t work. I had a second surgery 6 months later which helped a little bit but the pain came back after 6 months as bad as ever.

I am a man enough to admit that at this point I was suicidal. every living moment was agony. I looked up TOS surgeons and articles one last time and that is when I saw Kjetil’s article on TOS, diagnosing it and treating it. I followed his postural advice and my pain disappeared. that was the first weekend in 6 years that I didn’t have to take opiates. I immediately made an online appointment with Kjetil. It was the best money I ever spent.

Kjetil was friendly, listened to my symptoms and significantly altered my posture through our online appointment. He gave me exercises and made sure i understood what the correct posture was and how to properly do the exercises. To this day, I still have no pain, I am back to an active lifestyle and I do my work without suffering from pain. I cant overstate how life changing Kjetil’s advice was. He also saved me from having to get TOS decompression surgery on my left side.

Thank you Kjetil. I will forever be in your debt.

Painfree everyday life


In the beginning of 2017 I noticed that I started to struggle with dizziness, concentration problems, very painful neck and shoulders, got tinnitus, pain in my jaw (with night grinding), poor memory as well as stiffness in all of my muscles. I have always enjoyed working and have probably only been on sick-leave once in my life. I’m now 40 years old and I have been working since I was 18 years old. This time, I was on sick-leave for 3 months.

Consulted with doctors, naprapaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, and sone-therapists. Some things helped a little, but it was very temporary. It was concluded that I had BPPV, vestibular migraine etc.

Went abroad to take upright MRI, where they found that my atlas was out of position and that my cerebellum had sunk down, as well as some disc problems in my low back. I received great and clear images there.

I then went to see a specialist chiropractor in manchester. He had a look at me and found a few things, but didn’t want to do anything with my neck (atlas), as he thought that my issue were related to my teeth and jaw joint. I was recommended to consult with a oral surgeon in Bath, UK. I still receive some dental treatment here.

I can mention that I’ve been in several car- and MC accidents. Some bangs and falls have been suffered throughout my childhood and youth.

After this I was recommended to send my images to Kjetil at MSK Neurology. I will admit that I was a little skeptical. But because I had tried almost everything, I decided to keep an open mind. I had already learned to deal with disappointments.

6 am the 27th of June I sent my MR images electronically to Kjetil. The same day, 1:30 pm I received an answer to my analysis. He had thoroughly examined my images and concluded with several things. In essence, the findings were related to restrictions in my circulatory system, from the head and down. The blood was coming into my head nicely, but my veins (the return canal) was not open. This could cause intracranial pressure (pressure in the head). Which in turn affects many things in the body which can explain my problems.

No one had mentioned this earlier, and I ordered 3 hours at his clinic for a full examination.

When I arrived for my session I was met by Kjetil, a really pleasant guy who is very passionate for what he does. The session started with a review of my problems, when they started, what could have triggered them, etc. Then the exciting stuff started, i.e. the testing. Kjetil warned me that these tests would hurt, but that it was necessary in order to find out exactly what was troubling me.

After several weird expressions and some cursing from my end, Kjetil finished his testing. It was also performed an ultrasound examination of my arteries, veins and muscles. And, it turned out that my response to these tests gave a pretty clear indication which were compatible with his former presumptions based on my images.

Kjetil then setup a rehabilitation program with a variety of exercises that I was to do at home. All of these exercises are made by him, and can be seen on youtube.

I started with my exercises as soon as I was back home. In the beginning it hurt a lot, and I was in pain for a day or two after completing the program. But I decided that I was going to complete this no matter what. I have done this, and the progress has been quick. Already after about 14 days I felt 70% better! I can function again. My memory is better, my sleep is better, the pressure in my head is minimal, my neck and shoulders seem to have their blood supply back. So everything is going in the right direction!

The reason that I am writing this, is that I know how it feels to walk around without functioning, not finding out what’s wrong with you, using lots of time, energy and not least; money on therapists who only work with the symptoms and not the cause. I know how frustrating it can be to meet others that look at you and say; “but you look completely healthy”, when you in reality are fighting through every day with your pain.

This has been my best investment. Kjetil has helped me back to a normal life again. I now have energy surplus to play with my 2 year old daughter and to attend other activities with my family.

A thousand thanks😁

Pain in my elbows for many months. Could not work out or perform my day job without great pain. My workplace needed to adapt my tasks. I read several articles from Kjetil on Facebook. Contacted him and ordered a consultation. Kjetil saw my problems and gave me appropriate homework. I did as he recommended for some months, and have now been completely pain free for 1 year, and can once again work out pain free. Prior to consulting with Kjetil, I had tried massage therapy, shockwave treatment, dry needing, without any effect at all. I very strongly recommend Kjetil, he does not just treat the symptoms, but examines you thoroughly to find and treat the underlying problem.

Thomas Dagli

My general physician was so impressed by my rapid rehabilitation that he will recommend MSK Neurology to other patients

Kjetil and MSK Neurology first caught my interest via the very informative and detailed articles that he wrote. I thought that his view and approach to the body was different that what I had experienced priorly from other therapists. I came to him first and foremost during sick-leave after a neck injury that was a consequence of a car crash, and I had tried diverse treatment approaches without getting any better. I was using strong painkillers and did not see any improvements. When I told my general physician about the visit to MSK Neurology and his recommendations, he was very skeptical of this, and recommended me to use another form of treatment.

Kjetil was very thorough and found several things that we had to work on (home correctives). He also addressed old aches and pains that I had tried to to ameliorate through many forms of therapy priorly, during the course of many years, without seeing any improvements.

I did my home correctives, and in the beginning every exercise was painful, but Kjetil told me to continue as it would get better within some time. Kjetil was right, and after mere weeks the pain was reduced and shortly after the training enabled me to reduce and then stop using painkillers, and gradually get back to work. With regards to my old aches and pains, these have been reduced to zero/definite minimum and my body hasn’t felt this good in perhaps 15 years.

I have now been back to 100% full work for 6 months, and I am completely confident that this would not be the case if I had not contacted MSK Neurology.

Additionally, Kjetil is very forthcoming and thorough, and always explains why he does what he does. He is interested in getting to the bottom of what is causing the problems and not just to treat the symptoms, which is what I have experienced with other doctors and therapists. This is something I greatly appreciate.

I also have family members and friends who have visited Kjetil, and they are as content as I am.

In conclusion I will let you know that my general physician was so impressed by my rapid rehabilitation that he will recommend MSK Neurology to other patients.

Raymond Johansen, Police officer

Have not met another professional who possess this amount of knowledge

I am a 25 year old girl who has been struggling with pain in my jaw muscles for around 7-8 years. The pains have been present to variable degree, and have in some periods been unbearable, while in other periods, less painful. I am a student of a quite intense profession, and in some exam periods the pain has been so bad that I have not been able to read. It is possible that stress if affecting my pain levels, but I have also had a lot of pain in vacations and other periods of complete relaxation, which is why stress is unlikely to be the only explanation of my problem.

I have tried many different types of treatments. Amongst others; chiropractic, acupuncture, several dentists, manuellterapeut (MSc. physiotherapist specializing in manual therapy) with TMJ as a specialty, other physiotherapists, as well as an oral surgeon who took x-rays of my jaw, but nothing have helped my jaw pain.

When I was studying in Trondheim, I was regularly seeing a manuellterapeut whose specialty was TMJ disorders. He massaged my jaw muscles and said that my pain was mainly caused by my stress levels. I also went to see him in periods where I was not stressed at all, but was still in pain. He still claimed that it was caused by stress and that I should try meditation and yoga. This did not work, even though I was open for both of these and have tested both. To meditate can be very soothing, but it helped minimally for the pain in my jaw muscles. I became so desperate to do something about these pains that I eventually started taking medication to diminish them, and I used these for a little more than a year. I don’t recommend using these, however. I also slept with a dental splint for a long period of time, because I thought that the pain was caused by nocturnal tooth grinding, something I now don’t even think that I do.

Autumn 2017 I moved to Oslo and sought out MSK Neurology on my own initiative. I read a lot about the therapist and I discovered that he had a huge amount of knowledge about musculature, joints and the relations between these. My impression was confirmed during my first session with him, because he was able to explain down to the smallest detail why I was in such great pain. He explained that this could be resolved and that I could be “cured” from my pains by doing specific exercises every day. He did, however, point out to me that it would take time as well as self discipline on my end. He also told me that he had treated many people with similar problems and that their pains had resolved. I was incredibly relieved!

It took 2-3 sessions before I learned to do the exercises properly. Because I am student and have restricted economy, I haven’t had a chance to take more than 3-4 sessions with Kjetil. But based on these sessions I learned that doing exercises, as well as working on tongue posture and general posture are very important elements of the treatment process. I started doing exercises every evening before I went to bed, and I felt that my pain gradually reduced more and more. Still, periodically I have been neglecting my exercises a little, because it has been difficult to get time to do it in a hectic every-day-life.

Today I still have some pains, but it is in a completely different level than what I had before. I try to be diligent in doing my exercises every day, because I have experienced that it works. Still I wish to have more sessions with Kjetil to become completely healthy.

The summary of this is that I can recommend MSK Neurology in the strongest manner. I have not met another professional that possess this amount of knowledge in this field. You will get good, detailed follow-ups, feel attended to, and let alone you will learn specific exercises that help with the problem that you have.

Amalie Rosnes, student

My body is now more harmonious than ever before

Through many years I have been struggling with pain on the outside of my hips during running. I’ve been to see many different therapists, but nothing helped. Kjetil examined the body as a whole, and quickly discovered that there were weakness of many muscles, especially on one side of my body which caused these pains. I thereafter received help through different exercises which efficiently and quickly rebuilt the muscles and now I run without feeling any pain.

Further, I have received good help after a quite long muscle tear in my calf where I had to use crutches the first weeks. It felt reassuring to get ultrasound in order to determine exactly how large the injury was, with help from rehabilitative exercises and later a repeated ultrasound examination to see how the muscle had healed. The muscle healed very well, I am running as usual again and have understood the importance of strengthening muscles to prevent injuries. My body is now more in harmony than ever before.

Anna, 42 years

Anna Karlsson, Graphical designer

Kjetil helped me to get rid of a lot of ailments, in just a few weeks

Because of my job as a biologist, I am in a lot of movement and the days during the warmer seasons of the year, which involves a lot of walking. Just two-three months after starting in this job, I was having so much pain in my hips, back and knees that I was having trouble moving and could in no way go to work. There had also been diffuse maladies during most of my life, but never as prominent. I had priorly been to both physio- and manual therapists, without getting any clear answer with regards to what was causing my problems. Some theories about poor leg positioning and leg length discrepancies were suggested, but it did not lead to any form of improvement. With this in the back of my mind, I decided to rather contact MSK Neurology, to see if perhaps Kjetil could help me with my problems. I felt that my problem was taken extremely seriously, there was done a thorough examinations to get to the bottom of the problem. Already after a week my pain was almost gone and I could work as normal again. Kjetil has vast knowledge about how the body works and how pain in one part of your body can be caused by a problem a completely different place. I can absolutely recommend everyone that have a problem with pain to visit Kjetil. Even many of the problems that I had, that I thought I would never get rid of, are almost completely gone, now half a year after my first session with Kjetil.

Marte Olsen, Biologist

I still find it amazing how Kjetil was able to help me with my symptoms – basically by remote-access

I found Kjetil’s practice by accident during an online research looking for answers for issues with my back mucles, glutes and paresthesia down the legs that persisted after a major discus prolaps. Kjetil has published extensive articles on various issues online, related i.a. to malfunctioning of the back msucles, glutes and iliopsoas. Explanations and tipps given in those articles already helped me. Since I live in Germany, I decided to book a skype session with Kjetil. Kjetil analyzed my situation thoroughly and in particular assessed my posture. We then went through different exercises, where Kjetil observed execution and gave corrections where necessary. So far therapists mostly suggested stretching and treated fascia. Nothing helped in the long run. Kjetil, however, suggested posture corrections and dedicated exercises targetting specific muscle groups that in his view were causing the obve mentioned issues. It worked!! The exercises in the beginning worsened some of the issues. But after only a couple of weeks the symptoms subsided substantially, just as Kjetil had predicted. Today, I still do the exercises regularly and I have adapted the posture changes Kjetil suggested. Overall, I had three skype sessions and I still find it amazing how Kjetil was able to help me with my symptoms – basically by remote-access. I learned a lot from Kjetil about posture, anatomy and the interactions of muscles. On top of all that, Kjetil not only knows what he is talking about but he also does so in a very sympathetic and friendly way. I can highly recommend Kjetil! Thank you!

Tried countless physical therapists, and emptied all options in the Danish healthcare system

With my injury record making me unable to train, I had tried countless physical therapists, and emptied all options in the Danish healthcare system without any positive results. In desperation I began searching for answers abroad and got Kjetil recommended from a physical therapist in England. It turned out to be the best money ever spent. Kjetil was extremely competent and you felt like you were in good hands. He explained everything carefully, and made sure you understood why he did what he did. After that visit I felt a renewed hope of getting back to doing what I loved to do. Besides getting therapy face to face, I had also gotten a new tool set as well as a new approach to training. In the months to follow he was very helpful giving feedback on my training if I felt something was out of place, which was very comforting. All in all I can greatly recommend Kjetil, since he was the only one being able to help me getting back to move pain free again.

The pain that finally vanished

I had struggled with radiative pain in my elbow and numbness in the fingers for a long period of time. After “trying everything”, I coincidentally came by some articles that Kjetil had written. I also watched some of the videos he had on YouTube. I had spent a lot of time on reading and watching videos in order to understand the causes of my problems.

I contacted him, and after a reviewing my history, I was thoroughly examined. Though, in a different way than others had examined me earlier.

I was told that I lacked arch in my low back, and that my posture was poor (not easy for a mann to hear…)

Kjetil was out to find the cause of why I had the exact pains that I did. In contrast with other therapists which were focused on treating my symptoms.

Kjetil gave me a detailed walk through of the exercises I needed to do (while I filmed), and I then had to perform these exercises on my own while he watched, until he was satisfied with the execution.

Two hours in the car on the way back home gave me a lot of time o think about what I had been through, and I was anxious to see if this would help for me.

And it absolutely did!

I rigidly performed my exercises as prescribed, and I noticed quite quickly that the pain in my elbow as well as numbness in the fingers vanished.

This is now a year ago, and I still do the exercises now and then, for maintenance.

I strongly recommend Kjetil and his MSK Neurology!

The next problem that I will allow Kjetil to address, is my disturbing tinnitus. I am looking forward to getting started.

Consulted with doctors, physios, chiropractors and others within the public system

After 5 years of diffuse pain in my knees, arms and throat which has forced me away from sports and activities. Now I can finally say that I am getting better. I have like many others sought out doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and others within the public health system,  only to receive negative results. It was when I arrived at MSK Neurology that that I finally learned the cause of my pains and how to get rid of them for good. Kjetil is incredibly good at seeing your whole body as one system. To see the problem and systematically work through possible solutions by addressing postural factors as well as corrective exercises, in a tailored home corrective program. He listens to the patient and is genuinely interested in helping you. This is worth its weight in gold!! Kjetil dares to think inventively and look for solutions where others keep trusting archaic teachings. It is really cool to be a patient when Kjetil introduces you to a brand new exercise which is a thousand times better and actually yields results.

In my body there was a lot of things to address, and it was difficult to find one specific solution without trial and error. Thankfully Kjetil has a lot of experience with complex symptoms and it did not take long before I started seeing results. Now, one year after starting working with Kjetil, my arms and throat is completely pain free, and soon my knees are as good as new as well. I can finally resume the training that I like thanks to good follow-ups and innovative treatment.

Running and moving pain free for the first time in 7 years!

For many years I was struggling jumper’s knee, flat feet and a lot of overloading of the body due to errors in my movement pattern that was making me unable to run without significant pain for more than 7 years. In this period I used thousands of Norwegian crowns on physiotherapists, doctors, specialists, etc., but I always received the same feedback from them, and nothing seemed to help. I then went to Kjetil, and he helped me to understand and see the causes that was causing my struggles with chronic overloading of the body. Not only will he show you what exercises you need to do fix your body, but he will also explain it in an understandable and logical way. I’ve been to an array of doctors physios, specialists etc., but no one has been even close to Kjetil’s expertise and understanding of how the body’s movement pattern should be and how you can load your body properly! With this knowledge you can avoid complications and overloading of tendons muscles and joints! The results from the knowledge, corrections and help I’ve received from Kjetil has enabled me to run and move pain free, for the first time in 7 years! Kjetil is the best person I’ve seen and I can not recommend him strongly enough!

The surgeon said that I had to learn to live with the pain

I was struggling for more than a year with tremendous pain after a knee operation. The surgeon said that I simply needed to learn to live with it. A physiotherapist tipped me about Kjetil. In this point in time I was on the verge of going on sick-leave from my work, had great, constant pain in my knee and was very restricted with regards to outdoors activities (generally skiing and hiking), as well as general everyday life. I couldn’t go up nor down stairs, squat down or sit on my knees. To be met by a person who actually ask questions, was curious and investigating was a new experience to me. He saw the whole picture. To look for solutions with this kind of approach was something that no other “professionals” had used on me previously. He examined me from top to bottom, and bang – We now had a plan. By means of treatments and personal effort I am today more or less completely pain free in the knee. The function is back, and I can make nice turns in the snow when skiing, walk up and down stairs, and be in full-time work without any worries.

Kjetil is good at illustrating and explaining, and I received detailed descriptions and videos sent as homework. He has also corrected my posture and technique in several exercises, which has contributed to improvement in my strength training. I recommend him warmly to anyone that struggle with pain or those who wish to reach their potential within their hobby or sport. I will surely go back to visit him from time to time!

Finally better after 15 years of pain

Before I decided to visit Kjetil, I’ve had low back pain for 15 years. It started in a young age, despite always being very active. I have tried everything from osteopaths to kinesiology, countless doctor’s and physiotherapy sessions in both Norway and Germany, but nothing helped. I was about to resign and to simply learn to live with the fact that I was always going to have low back pain, until I met Kjetil. He quickly identified the problem and could explain its cause to me. He was the first person that really took me seriously and listened to me. He worked purposefully, was engaged and genuinely interested to help me out of my situation. Through the treatment he has been both a therapist and motivator. My low back has become so good that, not only am I pain free, but I can actually load my back again. My life has definitely improved.

If you have chronic pain, go to Kjetil, I recommend him in the utmost strongest way.

Countless visits to the physio, doctor and chiropractor

After countless visits to physiotherapists, doctors and chiropractors with my shoulder, back and hip that they could not figure out what was caused by, I decided to travel to Oslo. Kjetil identified my problems immediately, and taught me how I could fix this on my own by changing my posture and proper exercises.

It was a lot to address, but after just two visits and an intense self-effort, I experienced tremendous improvement. This after three years of pain. The most important that I learned is that knowledge of your own body is the key to becoming pain free. Kjetil is precise, very knowledgeable and is genuinely concerned about helping you.

Pain in shoulders and back

I had for a long period been struggling with a painful shoulder and back. I had already visited both physiotherapist and chiropractor without any sign of improvement. I had more or less given up the hope of regaining a pain free everyday life. It was through strong recommendations from an acquaintance, and good online reviews that I decided to try a session with Kjetil.

He quickly figured out what was the cause of my problems, both with regards to shoulders and back. It was also clarified that rehab exercises that I had been doing from before had been performed wrongly the whole time. This had never been corrected by any prior therapist.

With the main focus directed to body posture and an array of home exercises, both my back and shoulders quickly improved. All of the exercises you’re given has a purpose. He explains them carefully, and he will correct you until you perform them properly.

Kjetil helped me to understand my body and diverse musculature in a whole other way than earlier. He has a very large competence in his field, and he is genuinely interested in helping you toward a pain free and injury free everyday life. I strongly recommend Kjetil’s service!

The opposite of what other therapists had told me, but it worked

When I came to Kjetil I had used a lot of money and time with chiropractor, posturologist, reflexologist, physiotherapist, and self-treatment. Some of it had given me some pain relief in 1-2 weeks, but it always returned. When I came to Kjetil, and explained what was troubling me, he performed some simple tests and quickly found out that it was TOS. He explained what was causing the pain and how I could address it on my own, by increasing the strength of the muscles that were weak and stretched as they weren’t active, and to raise the shoulder blades rather than pulling them back and down. This was the opposite of what every other therapist had recommended me, but it worked. I recommend Kjetil in the strongest way 10/10.

Best regards,
Anders Skalleberg

Used to need at least one treatment per week by physiotherapist/osteopath to keep my body in check

I ordered a session with Kjetil after having found one of his articles online, when I was searching for solutions to the issues I was struggling with. In 2015 I had a huge disc herniation in my back that was wrongly diagnosed, and this caused me to initiate proper treatment and training very late. After 1.5 year I was still struggling with a stiff neck and lower back, a lot of nerve pain especially in the QL muscles, psoas and hamstrings. I am active and train a lot of strength, running and obstacle training (OCR), and needed at least one treatment per week by physiotherapist/osteopath to keep my body in check. Rehabilitation after my injury was from the beginning done in cooperation with physiotherapist/osteopath and personal trainer, but with “allround” exercises for this type of injury. After a long time it was made clear that this standard exercise protocol did not address my underlying issues, as my body kept struggling.

I really missed a good exercise rehabilitation schedule that was created specifically for me and my problems, and I found that with Kjetil. He is very systematic in his examination of the problematic areas and creates a completely individualized program for each of his clients. This allowed me to, per this day, almost completely get rid of my lower back and leg pain, no longer require treatments to release painful musculature (I actually can’t remember the last time I needed a session with a physiotherapist now) and my pain levels have greatly reduced. In the whole rehabilitation period I have also been able to work out quite normally (except some limitations) – so that I have been able to compete in running several times. In a parallell manner I have gotten great guidance with strength exercises targeted toward running and lifting, and also dealt with pain in my arms that was periodically occurring during strength training.

The exercises were thoroughly followed up and evaluated every session, they are simple to do at home and if they aren’t getting the job done, he will find alternatives. I still have a way to do to become completely healthy (after 2 years of pain and wrong posture, of course it takes some time) – but to become as good as I am now is something I didn’t even imagine to be possible, and I am starting to hope that I can actually be completely healthy again.

I can recommend Kjetil’s services in the strongest manner, to anyone with injuries/pain in joints and muscles!

Due to proper exercises and training my issues resolved quickly

I visited Kjetil right after new year 2017. I had then been struggling with a groin injury for about 4 weeks, without any improvement. With the help of exercises and training, this resolved very quickly. Simultaneously I was struggling with chronic cold infections and stomach pain, something I never really intended to bring up in a consultation with a corrective exercise trainer. Somehow it was brought up, and he thought that the cause of my chronic airway infection could be reduced motor control in my throat (resting position of the epiglottis and hyoid bone). After a few weeks of exercises, the cold passed. It had lasted more than one year!

Enormous competence and a genuine desire to help

After struggling with my low back for about a year, I was tipped by a team mate to test out Kjetil Larsen. I had already been to an array of chiropractors, and also tried the national soccer team doctors and physiotherapists that were supposed to be the best in the country. No one had been able to do much with the problem I experienced, the MRI pictures showed nothing, and I felt like I was not being taken seriously by my therapists. Still I suffered from great pain, that both hindered me from playing soccer (this was a tremendous problem due to the fact that I was playing professionally) and generally made my every day life worse.

When I arrived at Kjetil’s clinic it was immediately made clear that poor posture (posterior tilt in my pelvis) was the most likely cause of my problem. Postural issues was something I had suspected for quite a while, but Kjetil was the first person who actually addressed the problem. Specific muscles that could be related was tested, and I was quickly put on a rehabilitative programme purposed to strengthen weak muscles and improve my posture. It didn’t take many weeks before I saw results, and after struggling with this issue for almost a year without even the slightest improvement, this was quite sensational.

I experienced Kjetil as a therapist who has enormous competence. He used unique methods to map and fix my problematic areas. This turned out to be extremely effective, and they were also methods and a view of this type of injury/problem that I had never seen before. Additionally I experienced him to be a very engaged therapist with a genuine desire to help. Today I’m playing soccer without pain, and I am generally much better with regards to back pain. Furthermore, his knowledge about the human body has given me a better foundation for me to avoid injuries in the future. The help Kjetil Larsen gave me has been a tremendous help, and I am forever grateful. Due to these reasons, I want to, in the warmest way, recommend Kjetil Larsen to others.

Rapidly identified the cause of my knee and thigh pain

I have had a huge interest for strength training for several years, but every time I started, pain occurred. After 2-3 months I got knee pain that lasted several weeks, and I ended up losing my motivation and desire to train. I struggled with this for almost five years…

I spent quite a lot of time googling possible causes of this, and it was then I found Kjetil on a forum about a year and a half ago. After reading his articles and posts, I quickly understood that I had found something unique! I had no doubt that he would be able to help me, but that time I only visited briefly.

Last autumn I broke my ankle and was operated. Immediately after I was able to walk again without crutches, I attempted strength training once again. Of course the knee pain came back after a short while, and this time also in my hamstrings – in addition to severe ankel pain and flexibility restrictions that I had due to the fracture. This time I knew that I had no other choice than to invest in treatment by Kjetil because the strength training became a must due to the catabolic state which occurred after the fracture and the more I trained the easier it became to keep the ankle pain under control.

I started up in april. He found the causes of my kne- and thigh pain very fast (I had nerve entrapment in my psoas that was radiating into my low back/hip, the groin and down the thighs), corrected my posture- and movement pattern (I had posterior pelvic tilt priorly) and also found many additional problems that caused milder painful symptoms in my shoulder (nerve pain). I also received a lot of help with my training schedule and basis lifts such as squat and deadlift because I did not dare to start with these alone due to the great weakness and instability of my ankle.

We worked a great deal with the ankle as well – in the end I had a lot of exercise that I needed to do every day. Hard work pays off – the results came fast and for the first time in my life, I didn’t have to give up the training!

I think it was both fun and pleasant to cooperate with Kjetil and he did a fantastic job. He is patient and motivating, a unique therapist and a very good rehab trainer that dares to distinguish himself from others. I learnt a lot from him – even how to distinguish the difference between nerve- and joint pain! After reading his articles on body posture, hip flexors, lumbar plexus compression syndrome and TOS it became very easy to understand his through process and work with my pains.

Now it has been half a year since we started with rehab and my body is becoming better and better. I am really enjoying every single session I have in the gym thanks to you, Kjetil! I am very satisfied – but not surprised. You delivered maximally. I strongly recommend this service!

Strongly recommended

I went to see Kjetil because I had upper back pain. I had been at the chiropractor at least 10-12 times without him finding the problem. Kjetil used approx. 2 minutes to find the cause, and quickly concluded that I had TOS. I didn’t know what that was, but received a bunch of information and a training regime to get rid of the pain. This guy has an incredible amount of competence  and nonetheless interest for how the body works, and I was quickly assured about what I needed to do.

I had several sessions with Kjetil and it did not take long before the pain was completely gone, and they are still gone, now, 6 months later. During the sessions he also discovered other things by using muscle testing, that I am still working on. I also got rid of my tinnitus and dizziness.

All in all, I am very satisfied, and recommend anyone who struggle with pain or bodily problems to contact Kjetil for a consultation, you won’t regret it!

Now I can train heavier and better, and it’s looking promising for world championship in Kettlebell sports for 2017

Kjetil has done a fantastic job in identifying causes of pain that I’ve been having over a longer period of time in my hip, hamstrings and knee. He discovered, already in the first session, several things that neither physical therapist nor naprapath had found. Other problems took a little longer to discover, but I continuously felt secure that Kjetil would get to the bottom of it.

I have received a lot of homework, which has required me to reserve time to do exercises every day, so it has not been a “quick fix” – but it has really worked!

As a competitor at a high level it does demand that my body works as well as possible, and I will keep going to Kjetil’s clinic sometimes for preventative work against new injuries. Without his help I would not have been having the good progress that I have now. I can finally train heavier and better, and it’s looking promising for world championship in Kettlebell sport 2017.

I now have a new body and a wealth of knowledge that helps me and others every day

After my first review about Kjetil’s service, I have used him regularly when there has been occurring problems. Amongst these are knee pain, painful shoulders and neck, and stress. The latter was a profound problem that led to much daily nuisance, amongst many things, itching and poor muscular contact. Kjetil conducted several tests, and it was made clear that in a hectic work life I am continuously walking around clenching my muscles different places in the body, which resulted in nerve problems as well as the above mentioned symptoms.

After the first treatment for this I became symptom free, and received a lot of homework in the shape of exercises to prevent and also resolve this problem. A couple of hours later I had full control of the problem and can predict the issue before it occurs, and with knowledge I can stop the problem before it reaches a critical level.

All in all since I started with Kjetil, I’ve received a new body and a wealth of knowledge that helps me and others in daily life. Without this help, the problems would most likely lead to reduced activity in my life and it would consist of much more stress and less quality of life.


I tried this package because I had some shoulder issues. Already after the first session I saw great improvements, and I received good instructions and exercises for improved functionality and to reduce my risk of injury.


I can finally train without being hindered by pain

After a period of sickness and injuries, I resumed to my training schedule. When I started training again, pain that I never had before showed up. These pains hindered me from performing several types of activities, such as running and skiing. I went to see physical therapists, naprapaths as well as acupuncture, but none of these yielded lasting results.

Coincidentally I came by an ad about Kjetil on the internet, and after reading about his background and the method he uses, I became very curious. Already after the first session with Kjetil I was convinced that I was going to get rid of my pains. Kjetil has a tremendous knowledge, that he conveys in an understandable way.

Now I can finally train without being hindered by pain.

It didn’t seem like anyone took my injury seriously

After visiting the whole array of doctors and therapists for more than one year of pain in my lower back, I did not see any improvement and it seemed like no one took my injury seriously. I received the same message every time, take pain killers, stretch and massage muscles, go for a walk in the forest.

Luckily I was recommended MSK Neurology by an acquaintance in a gym. Kjetil identified immediately that I was standing in posterior tilt, and generally had “poor” posture. Kjetil immediately commenced testing muscles and correcting these, and it was revealed a lot of weak and inactive muscles that contributed to my pains. Kjetil was also the first therapists who have told me that stretching weak muscles only will make things worse. Within the first session where Kjetil activated numerous muscles, I was already feeling better in my back. I got homework to go, with exercises and training which have helped me to become injury free.

Kjetil Larsen possesses an extreme amount of knowledge and I could not be more satisfied with the treatment. Kjetil is genuinely interested in helping you, and that is obvious when you’re there for treatment. He sees the body as a whole and not just at the region of pain, I will absolutely and strongly recommend Training & rehabilitation.

Have left unbelieveable! amounts of money with all kinds of therapists

I have for many years been struggling with chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system (amongst other things, thoracic outlet syndrome and significant hip pain). Have been doing various sports, such as skiing, soccer, and javelin throwing as well as about 15 years of motor sport, and I did acquire some difficult injuries there that could explain some of my pain.

Through the years I have been leaving unbelievable! amounts of money at the whole array of therapists, physical therapists, osteopath, naprapath, acupuncturist, chiropractor, and have also received lots of cortisone shots. My primary physician has prescribed me with way too many prescriptions for pain killers/health damaging (NSAIDS) preparations.

In January 2017, I started working with MSK Neurology w/ Kjetil Larsen

At the time of writing this testimonial, 9 months later, my health is significantly! much better.

What has happened then? Yes, I’ve received tailored homework after each treatment session, these have been specific strengthening exercises for the muscles that have been weak, and therefore painful, we have also worked a lot with bodily posture.

Kjetil Larsen is able to use his professional knowledge to the best for the patient, he demands a great deal of patient effort, but I think this is completely fine and is also the only right thing in most circumstances. Way too many expect to lie down on a treatment bench and to be massaged pain free and healthy, but this works very poorly in my experience!

I was sure that it was too late to do something to resolve my ailments

You see the whole person, and I had never believed that this would help my miserable body, I was certain that it was too late to change the things I struggled with to the better. I have been one out of many whom have tried most available therapies out there, and used insane amounts of money, but it all ended with disappointments.

But you, Kjetil, saw and explained in detail, and got me to understand that proper training and POSTURE, how important this is to get out of overloading patterns and unnecessary pain. The exercises you showed me every time I was in your clinic have been very important and have done miracles. It’s almost too good to be true, but it is true. I haven’t been seasick as I used to get, and last year I was in the mountain picking berries for approx. 6 hours and had tremendous headache afterwards that lasted for several days. I took acetaminophen but it did not relieve my pain at all. I was just at the same trip this year, and felt absolutely nothing the day after the trip, is it even possible??…, yes it is.

My posture is much better, my knees are much better, a little remains on my left knee but it’s peanuts compared to what it was. I want to strongly recommend Kjetil, he is skilled, sees the whole you, he’s honest and direct and says what he things in a nice and understandable way.

Kjetil quickly identified the cause of my problem

After a year of what several doctors and physical therapists thought was a mere muscle pull, I decided to get a session with MSK Neurology. Kjetil quickly figured out what the problem was. I was taught and I understood the cause of the injury, as well as guidance on how to resolve it. After just a couple of months of rehabilitation, I could finally play soccer again. I am very satisfied with the treatment I received, and I feel as good as 100% already!

Finally injury free

In the beginning of 2016 I got tremendous pain in my lower back, but I kept on training with a painful back. I was training soccer every day, and the pain didn’t subside. Instead, they became so great that I couldn’t train at all. I visited several physical therapists but nothing worked, and I was just recommended to take it easy and stop training. But when I arrived at Kjetil’s clinic, he quickly found a solution. He corrected my pelvic posture and performed muscle testing and correctives. Though corrected posture and homework, my back quickly improved. The painful back prevented me from playing soccer for 4 weeks, but after visiting Kjetil it only took 2 weeks for me to fully return to play.

I have also been struggling with quite a lot of overloading injuries due to a lot of training. I have continuously been plagued by stiff calfs, painful groin, and pain beneath my feet. At other physio clinics, I’ve only been told that I need to rest and they have not treated the actual cause of the injury. But when I went to Kjetil’s clinic, he found the cause for the injury/pain. Kjetil has helped me to become injury free, so that I can play soccer full time.

Kjetil has also helped me with my technique and performance in strength training. Before I came to Kjetil I couldn’t do strength training due to nagging low back pain. I received guidance from physical trainers and personal trainers, but still had pain in my back. Kjetil’s guidance was in a completely different level, and has taught me proper execution so that I can feel for myself when I am lifting correctly and not.

Finally something that works!

After giving birth to two children and not been able to start training, I gradually acquired low back and neck pain that I was unable to get out of on my own. I visited several therapists, but it all yielded short lived relief. When I coincidentally came by MSK Neurology, I finally found something that works! Kjetil is pleasant to work with, a good motivator, has a low of knowledge and is well versed in the method he uses to help the body function the way it should. I warmly recommend his service!

Can finally train intensively without pain

Last year’s spring I got an injury behind my knee that virtually caused be to become invalid for several months! I contacted Kjetil – somewhat as a shot in the dark. And he addressed it. It turned out to be a very tricky injury in a muscle I had never even heard of! The popliteus muscle behind the knee is but a small one – but as I was to discover – a crucial muscle! And my popliteus had received a real beating! Kjetil’s treatment plan was direct and focused – and it did hurt tremendously at times! But as some say – no pain, no gain! Meantime there were other parts of my body that also decided to shortcircuit. The new one turned out to be pain in my shoulders/arms (both sides). This time the diagnosis was Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS). This was extremely saddening… I am used to training regularly and and intensively. And now I was reduced to more or less zero activity! But Kjetil also addressed TOS… And he actually managed to correct both injuries! Now I can finally train to full exhaustion again. And I can perform all of the activity without any pain… A thousand thanks Kjetil!!! With regards Svein Olsen

Have had a lot of problems with my hip and back

I have had a lot of problems with my hip and low back. Kjetil quickly identified that my pelvic positioning was “posterior tilt”. Kjetil has great knowledge about muscular function and he uses it to identify which ones that require strengthening and which ones that require stretching. I received good exercises that enabled me to, over time, get used to a more optimal pelvic positioning. This has enabled me to train more, without pain.

Kjetil is good at seeing the body as a whole, and this approach has helped me to get rid of pain in my jaw. Nonetheless, I also struggling with heart burn due to a hiatal herniation, but when he prescribed stretching of my diaphragm and strengthening other muscles, this solved the problem.

Kjetil is genuinely interested in helping and I strongly recommend him.

Been struggling with pain in my back, neck and jaw for a long time

I’ve been struggling with pain in my back, neck and jaw for a long time and have been visiting many various therapists throughout the years, all from chiropractors and physical therapists, to masseurs and acupuncture practitioners. Nothing has helped me and no one have been able to give me good answers for my ailments. That was before I came to MSK Neurology and Kjetil Larsen. His method was completely new to me, and for the first time I met a therapist that saw the body as a whole and not just the specific region of pain. In this way I’ve received help to find the real cause of my pains, as well as proper exercises to get rid of them. I can recommend MSK Neurology at the strongest level.

Struggled with back pain for more than 10 years

I’ve been struggling with low back pain for more than 10 years. Through an acquaintance I was recommended Kjetil Larsen at MSK Neurology. Kjetil identified within the first session, a postural problem amongst other things with the pelvis, and immediately started conducting muscle tests and correctives.

Though his guidance, homework with exercises and proper training, it just took a few months before I felt considerable improvement. Kjetil will test muscles and reveal weaknesses, and this helped me to become pain free. His knowledge to musculature and the body in general – combined with exercise competence, gave me a pain free lower back. Because he has great knowledge about anatomy, he has a tendency to use foreign words to explain problems – so don’t be afraid to ask what he means! I can recommend him strongly to anyone who wishes to have a pain free every-day-life + improved technique in their training!

Kjetil familiarized himself with and advised me on my injury

I was writing on a training forum about an injury I had in my shoulder. I received a swift reply by Kjetil, where he familiarized himself with my problem and recommended some exercises that targeted specific musculature in my shoulders that turned out to be the cause of my problem. I quickly noticed that this was the right approach to get my shoulders well again, and I am not troubled by them any more.

Very skilled, and concrete

After having experienced little progress in my strength training for some time, some unexplainable maladies as well as sensing that the technique in my base lifts could be better, I reached out to Kjetil to get help.

Kjetil quickly diagnosed me, and with clear feedback, where my posture amongst other things (posterior pelvic tilt) and technique in my basis lifts had to be strictly corrected. A part of of the diagnose was the several essential muscles such as quadratus lumborum (the muscles parallell to the lower spine) were weak and inactive.

Yes, it was slightly unpleased to be “undressed” like that after many years of strength training, but it was also extremely educative. Kjetil has a sharp eye for what is proper and improper movement patterns, and is especially good at finding the real causes to the errors you do or struggle with. He also has a very holistic approach in his work, in opposition with many others that offer athletic services.

In a training world full of superficial, untrue and even injury promoting “cues”, Kjetil stand forth as a unique leading star and will see connections that few are conscious of. If you are willing to learn from him, a more effective training with proper technique and considerably less time spent on injury preventive “nonsense” before and after training. With Kjetils great feedback, I have laid the foundation to keep on training with a new spirit and without injuries.

Kjetil is incredibly knowledgeable and at the same time solution-oriented, for example with specific exercises to establish new and improved habits. Moreover he’s a nice guy, patient, pedagogic and will give it all for you as a customer.

I will give Kjetil my utmost best recommendations, and I am convinced that beginners, experienced training enthusiasts, and other serious athletes have a lot to learn from him.

From chronic low back pain to injury free training

In association with “boom” #3 in my lower back that led to several weeks without exercise, I decided that something had to be done. I had never before received any criticism of my exercise technique, not in the squat nor the deadlift, but rather often received credit because it looked good and that my spine was “straight”. I put out a video on a forum and asked for hjelp. I was impressed with Kjetil’s description of what he (in that time, and was later confirmed) suspected to be my problem, and I decided to contact him for closer assistance.

The first thing he commented when he saw me was that my pelvis was too forwardly rotated, and that this constantly malcompresses my lower back. As a consequence of walking, standing and running like this for years, I had weak hip flexors, poor gluteal function (both in training and daily life) and more or less none-existent musculature in my lower back. When this area is under constant wear and tear, it’s no surprise that heavy lifting can cause a drastic exacerbation of the situation. I remember that he also asked me if I was very stiff in the lower back in the morning and after training. That was 100% accurate, but I had all of this time been disregarding this with the fact that I’m “getting old” (I’m closing into 30) and that this therefore was normal.

We started doing exercises to strengthen the “forgotten” muscles, and incorporate proper technique in the base lifts. It didn’t take a lot of treatments before I felt that the daily low-back nagging started to dissipate. Kjetil re-taught me how “to walk”, and was strict in all lifts that I performed in my period of reconvalesce had to be executed absolutely correctly (without any low back or pelvic bending) regardless if it was a pencil or a keg of beer that was to be lifted.

Kjetil saw the limitations in my movement pattern, so in the beginning we started with squats a bit higher than parallell and deadlifts from boxes, as full ROM would cause exacerbation of my issues. After a few months I could squat to parallell and deadlift from the floor without any pain nor stiffness post training. And this with heavier weights than I used all of the times I injured my lower back priorly. Moreover I have set new PRs both in the squat, deadlift and benchpress after I started going to Kjetil’s clinic. I am very satisfied with this!

Not only did I receive exception help with the problem that was the initial reason for visiting his clinic. He has also helped me with numerous smaller nuisances.  Kjetil has such a good understanding of the human body and how things are connected, that a little by little I have been asking him about all sorts of issues I can think of, and he always has a solution.

I have for a long time been having some minor pain in my shoulder both when benching and when doing overhead press and dips. Since learning proper technical execution as well as improved the control of my shoulder blades, I have not felt this at all. I have also been struggling with many minor hamstring injuries every time I start playing soccer again. Once again I’ve blamed my age and overloading, but Kjetil revealed that my hamstrings were overworking for other muscles and that they were also weak (something I would never have though of, as my thighs are pretty thick). This is a recipe for what Kjetil calls “bad business!”. Pain in my forearm when doing pressing exercises? Kjetil pushes a little here and there, and discovers a weakness that requires strengthening, and it’ll vanish. Painful neck? Kjetil will reveal an overworked muscle and suggest a solution on how to calm it down. I could keep listing things until you’ll get bored of reading!

A thousand thanks for all your help, Kjetil. I’ll warmly recommend you to others.

Postural correctives and coaching

After a long summer vacation with a lot of traveling and sitting still, my low back started giving a message about having enough. I first believed the reason to be less training than usual, and a somewhat suboptimal training schedule when I was on the run. Because training, more specifically powerlifting, is very important to me, I immediately contacted Kjetil when I got home. I did after all want to identify and resolve the issue as fast as possible.

I had barely gotten through the doors before Kjetil identified a problem with my posture; overly straight lower back and knees. Furthermore, my right shoulder was “hanging” somewhat. Trust me, this isn’t something you’ll be aware of before a trained eye pin-point the things that need to be corrected. Relatively and seemingly small measures will make a BIG difference.

As a consequence of my posture, he found out that my QLs (quadratus lumborum, aka stabilizing muscles that run along the lower spine) and my spinal erectors were NOT especially active. This explained why I was very strong in isolated exercises, but not in e.g squat and deadlift, where the low back and hip are much more involved in the execution. Vi used a lot of time on rehabilition, and now my QLs are cooperating, and many records are to be set this year! THANKS Kjetil!

Furthermore we have been working on my shoulders, they have been “tight”, but are now considerably better. I notice this in the bench press especially, as well in the squat where my arms could become numb.

Kjetil is also a skilled trainer, that has helped me with my technique in the main lifts: bench press, squat and deadlift.

Ok, now all that remains is for you to order a session for yourself, and you’ll see what I mean. Good luck with your training!


I got two disc herniations in my lower back while training, a couple of years back, and after this I have been regularly visiting the physical therapist and chiropractor. None of these could pin-point exactly why I got these disc herniations, and therefore kept things more “in check” rather than getting the spine to completely heal. I was also told that I had to be VERY CAREFUL when going back to the squat, and especially deadlifts. The chiropractor told me that I would probably never again lift more than 100kg in the deadlift, as it puts the spine under great loads (priorly I was training with 150+ kgs). I also went to see a personal trainer, to make sure that my squat and deadlift techniques were good enough to be able to train pain free, and the personal trainer confirmed this.

When I arrived at Kjetil’s clinic, the tone was something quite different, and I experienced a level of knowledge that the other professionals I had visited earlier could not even measure with.

It took him 1 minute to see the most likely cause of my disc herniations (posterior pelvic tilt), and I received clear instructions with regards to how I could correct this. After 3-4 sessions with Kjetil I pulled 150kg in the deadlift from a box, something I had not done since the time before my initial disc herniations.

He is also extremely skilled in finding the cause of various types of pains, and nonetheless instruct on how to fix it. Kjetil has also helped me with both a painful knee and a painful shoulder.

I can now go to the gym without being afraid of getting new injuries, as long as I am focused on following the advice that I received from Kjetil. And if I am unsure, he will gladly analyze a video of a lift that I have done in training, and give helpful feedback.

I strongly recommend his service!

A new every-day-life after 3 disc herniations!

After 8 years of low back pain and three disc herniations, it was Kjetil that became the rescue for my lower back, despite uncountable visits to the doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist and naprapath! I came in contact with him via Fitnessbloggen.no, and decided to take the trip to Oslo to seek out this man for help.

He immediately saw my problems, and gave me a solution for them. After that we had follow-up talks on skype and email, where I received good coaching with regards to posture and exercise techniques. I easily send 10 videos from each workout, and Kjetil will analyse them all and give me feedback; it’s fantastic! Not only that, but he’ll gladly answer a video of my friends, whether or no they’re lifting properly.

We have also addressed some mild shoulder issues I’ve had, and I got rid of these in record time, simultaneously as my technique in the bench press, in addition to the squat and deadlift has become spot-on! I am already training injury free, and I am up to 100kg in the squat and 130 (both about 50kg below normal training weights) in the deadlift just THREE WEEKS post disc herniation, and I wouldn’t be able to do this without Kjetil’s help.

Furthermore, my work is in a control room offshore, where I am seated 12 hours a day for 14 days in a row. In these work periods, I have always been troubled a lot with my lower back. I thought this was just something I had to learn to live with due to all the disc herniations, and that my body simply needed exercise to stay pain free. But now I have just finished a trip off-shore and been in the control room, and have not had any notion of pain even after 12 hours in the chair, nor when I wake up in the morning! It is simply a new every-day-life! 🙂

Very satisfied!

For many years I’ve been going to different therapists that have treated my injury symptoms. I ordered a few trial sessions with Kjetil, and had such a great progress that I bought a package of 10 hours more. Kjetil has extreme control of the human body and knows that it takes to be able to move injury free. My low back and shoulder have never been stronger. There’s still a way to go, but I’m not worred that I (with good follow-up from Kjetil) will get all the way to the goal. I have never before been received by someone that showed such a tremendous engagement to resolve my injuries and dysfunctional movement patterns. The sessions were a great investment, that I know will give value 20 years from now when I am still training injury free.

Runar, Engineer

The best therapist I ever had

I want to strongly recommend Kjetil. He has a unique knowledge and nonetheless interest for training and how the muscles work together. He is not a mere trainer that you visit for a session. He really cares, and follows you up even outside of the sessions.

I came to him with an injury in my shoulder, and it didn’t take long until I could bench press like normal. I also had issues with some central muscles which didn’t fire properly during the squat. After Kjetil helped me to activate these muscles, as well as correct my technique, I set a new PR just a few weeks later. It’s important to note that before I came to him, I hadn’t been doing the squat for almost four and a half months.

My name is Robert Bici, and I am 28 years old. I have for many years been doing different types of martial arts. Early in 2007, something started to happen in my body; low back pain gradually turned my life into something negative! I visited many doctors, but they all said that as long as we can’t find anything in blood tests, there’s no reason to worry. The doctor was great at giving me a lot of pain medication, as they were 100% sure that my pain was just a muscular inflammation, but extremely bad at listening and trusting the patient, in my experience. Contrarily I wasn’t very good at taking shitty pain medication as they recommended me, because I knew that this wasn’t what I needed.

August ’14 an MRI showed that I had a large disc herniation, after a lot of nagging on my primary physician. When I was finally familiarized with what was actually causing my low back pain since 2007, I hoped that they would now finally treat me! Unfortunately it all just became worse, because no doctor nor specialist could tell me exactly what was causing my suffering, despite having detected a disc herniation in my spine. They started telling me that it was all a “complex ailment”, which I knew very well was pure nonsense! I was told that I had to learn to live with my pain, as there’s no proven therapy for disc herniations “as there is for cancer”. I was told that the only thing they could do, was perform surgery, but  I refused to go through surgery no matter what my condition my lower back was in.

The general practitioners and hospital specialists eventually made me believe that surgery was the only option. However, I never lost hope that there DOES EXIST other ways to get completely healthy. Kjetil Larsen is an earlier colleague from the security business, and he confirmed exactly what I chose to believe, that there ACTUALLY exists approaches that cures low back pain, and that I will become HEALTHY. Kjetil lives up to all of my expectations and has given me the great feeling and my feeling of life quality back after just four sessions! He discovered that my pelvis was in improper resting position and helped me to correct this with postural- and special corrective training. I strongly recommend Kjetil Larsen to EVERYONE. A THOUSAND THANKS!

After a lot of research, trial and no success, I was still suffering from a huge pelvic tilt in the bottom of my squat and deadlift, along with chronic low back pain. I found Kjetil through a review, and contacted him. We started working together through skype calls, and after a few weeks, my chronic low back pain disappeared. He made me aware of proper posture, and taught me proper pelvic positioning in a good a understandable way. It didn’t take long until my range of motion in the squat got a lot better, and the low back flexion went away. I am extremely satisfied with the help I received from Kjetil. He is a guy who tells you the things exactly how it is and he’s very direct. At the same time he’s a very nice guy who really care about your success. I easily recommend him to anyone, and I will surely work with him again.

Last year I was on sick leave due to an inflammation in my right shoulder. Kjetil helped me with the right training and exercises that led to recovery of my shoulder, and it became as good as new. I also had pain my left hip after a riding accident 40 years ago. Kjetil helped me how to walk properly so that my hip could heal; it was just like re-learning to walk. With knowledge and patience he guided me, so that I could learn to load my body correctly.

I still do the exercise he taught me and I am pain free.

I know Kjetil from Oslo Tennis Arena training studio. We have agreed that he will train me for a period, and I am very satisfied with his work and engagement. Very very satisfied. I was priorly number 1 tennis player from Yugoslavia, I’ve trained with the best gym trainers, and my experience tells me that Kjetil is on the same level of competence. I recommend him as a trainer, especially for those athletes who are actively training for tennis.

Kjetil taught me in a short time to understand the meaning behind all the exercises I did. I learned and understood more and more for each session I had with Kjetil, and we had great discussions about how we could get me stronger and better than before. My approach to training is completely different after all the knowledge that Kjetil has given me, and I am left with a feeling that I got real value for every single penny I paid for his service – and this isn’t something that just anyone can brag about. As a coach he’s honest, direct and realistic. I have never had such an even and good progression in my training as after I started the cooperation with Kjetil. I am going to continue using him for a long time.

Erik Roskifte, Financial advisor

Kjetil is a really good trainer and I recommend him strongly. He has a lot of knowledge about training, and about how the body’s musculature works. It is extremely important to Kjetil that his customers see progress, and he goes in 100% to resolve the client’s problems in my experience. I originally went to see him in June 2014 due to an injury in my arm. I had poor mobility and could not continue training like that. After some sessions with Kjetil, we found out that I had several muscular dysfunctions in addition to excessive muscular tightness. Especially my glutes, which did not engage well in certain exercises. Kjetil set up a training schedule for me as well as several sessions where he guided me through proper technical execution, muscular activation, stretching and muscular massaging. Today my arm is healthy, I have a great sense of achievement in the gym and with important exercises, and I am able to squat so deep that my butt is about to hit the ground. Before I could not even get the hips below the knees. I strongly recommend Kjetil as a trainer to anyone who struggle with muscle activation, especially those who sit a lot at school or in the office.

After training with Kjetil for four weeks, I felt that the low back pain that I’d had for more than 10 years started to relieve. He conducted several analyses of my technique in the squat and deadlift, as well as postural correctives. This has led to considerable relief of my lower back pain, which priorly nagged me both in daily life as well as in the gym.

This summer you helped me with a very, very painful shoulder. It had bee painful for more than 30 years! The pain came and went, and this made the bench press impossible for many long years. Imagine my surprise this weekend, after consciously following your advice since the summer – when I was benching 70 kg, 3 x 5, and did not feel ANY PAIN!!! in the shoulder, but rather woke up with soreness ONLY in my chest muscles. I have been training a lot, and many exercises as the years have passed, but I missed the base bench workout. I’m still going to take it easy, and “swim slowly”, gently and carefully increase my weights. I am in a period now where I train a 6 split routine one week, and Starting Strength the next week. This is because of my partner, who gave me a 1 – ONE year period to change her body completely. A challenge! Well, I just want to say thanks a million. So that’s how little it really took to get better. Thank you!

Kjetil Larsen has helped me with my right shoulder, that was inflamed for more than a year. I went to see many therapists to get help, but nothing relieved my pain. After receiving some simple exercises from Kjetil, I felt significant relief within three weeks, and now six months later I can perform a full body workout with zero pain. I received training in how to perform the bench press for example, and this was was chanceless earlier due to pain, and can now do so completely pain free. I am very impressed in the amount of interest he showed me in order to get my shoulder healthy again!! ????