Objective Biomechanics: Neck pain, scapular & glenohumeral mechanics


Objective Biomechanics: Scapular & glenohumeral mechanics is an in-depth and practical module which teaches the participant how to identify and correct scapular dyskinesis as well as glenohumeral dysfunction. Scapular dysfunction greatly affects the neck as well as the shoulders, and is therefore extremely important to consider when treating neck pain disorders.

This is the second part of my education line.

Learn about, and learn how to identify and treat (some of these elements are covered more in depth in the later classes):

  • Cervical pain & disc herniations
  • Cervical facet joints
  • Scapular dyskinesis and its genesis
  • What the [biomechanical] evidence says
  • Subacromial impingement
  • Coracoid impingement
  • Rotator cuff dysfunction
  • Costoclavicular space syndrome
  • Proper scapular mechanics in vertical and horizontal push-/pull patterns

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